Shivani Rana: Classes at Shree Film Productions was a great experience.I got to enhance my skills as how to get into a character and depict the character with a focused mind.i would love to join the classes again as i want to explore more of it.Thank you Shree Film Productions films and theatre studio for the lovely experience.

Kanu: When i joined Shree Film Productions,my conceptions were not clear about acting but yeah after doing course from Shree Film Productions i had exprienced and explored a lot.I can’t overlook  “Shree Film Productions films and theatre Studio”  contribution to this.

Amit: I am thankful to Shree Film Productions films and theatre for all the practical knowledge during the class.i got to know the difference between realism and naturalism.

Nikhil sajwan: My passion was to persue acting  and i came to know that “Acting is not about acting in front of people”. I was a self conscious person but classes help to loose my consciousness  and how to be natural in front of people.